Meet Your Coach

Coach Susan

Susan Gibson has been coaching her clients on nutrition and fitness for over 7 years, specializing in weight loss and sports performance. She’s partnered with Herbalife Nutrition, the #1 nutrition company in the world. Not only has she helped her clients lose fat, gain muscle and increase their athletic performance, she too has gotten amazing results on her Herbalife nutrition program – losing 7.3 lbs and 3.3% body fat in 25 days!!

Her passion for nutrition and fitness dates back to a young age and it has been a long time personal endeavor to inspire her community of friends and family to go after their goals – no matter how big or small – and turn what they once thought to be impossible into possible.

Susan is also an experienced endurance runner, cyclist and triathlete, having competed in many short and long distance race events including the Los Angeles & Boston Marathons, the Leadville100 MTB and most recently Ironman Switzerland. 

“I push my body and continue to up-level my goals so I can be an example that when you put your mind to it, any goal is possible!”

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